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Today we mark International Women's Day. Just like we do every year. Always on the same date – just this one. March 8 – both a date and a linguistic filler. Throughout the rest of the 364 days of the year, it’s mostly forgotten about. Still, on this chosen day, we protest, we are loud, we demand equality and dignity – it is necessary. With all the contributions and enormous efforts of previous movements and initiatives, the status of women in today's society is still unacceptable. We wish that such a day isn’t necessary – that we no longer have a need for it. But reality keeps bringing us back to reality, reminding us that this day is still quite important and necessary. We must acknowledge and celebrate it – it's naive to think otherwise.


It’s interesting how many similarities can be drawn between women and nature. Many experts have addressed this. And they keep promoting the idea – because it’s relevant. Now more than ever, perhaps. The difference in the treatment of women and her societal roles (some she chooses, some are forced upon her) compared to men is still here – it is tangible.  The relationship lacks equality and is often far from just – toxic in many cases. Lack of respect, carelessness, waving a dismissive hand, and turning heads – ignoring the problem. This is what women go through. This is, also, what nature is going through.

The bond between woman and nature is almost indisputable. The symbolism of this connection is not new – Mother Earth (not father), nurturer, creator of life, originator, and initiator. Without women, there is no life. Without nature, also. The oppression of women within today's society is very similar to the oppression of nature that the human race exerts on it. The male and the system come first – at the top, while women and nature are in a lower position in the hierarchy. Of course, this order of things is socially constructed, it did not emerge out of nowhere – it is not in itself natural, a universal truth.


Yes, the status of women in today's society is not acceptable. The expected roles and behaviors are not easy to balance out, nor should they be understood and accepted as something that is mandatory. Despite this, women – much like nature – poses incredible endurance and the ability to give, grow, care. They choose their roles, reject those that are imposed on them and which they do not want to participate in. They act sovereignly. They reject pessimism, choose to fight, choose hope. They can be mothers, but they don't have to if they so wish, they will nurture if they want, they will call out injustice and fight for equalitythat which was always deserved, but too often not provided.


For starters, to wish you a happy and fierce Women’s Day. Also, to send you a message that you can mark it more than once a year. To celebrate it as often as possible. Especially on this day – take a break, rest, be ‘’defiant’’ if you wish so. Refuse to do something, say no. KAIAA celebrates nature in the same manner that it celebrates women. The bond is not possible to ignore, it must be acknowledged. Caring for women and caring for the environment are very similar and above all – necessary. Therefore, let us celebrate on this day, and every day, feminine energy, and nature. We simply cannot do without them.



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