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Various viral infections and colds are common during the colder part of the year. We’ll soon be done with winter – done with these seasonal afflictions – but we’re still not in the clear. To welcome warmer weather and the awakening of vegetation as strong as possible and with our immune systems at full speed, we turn to nature for help.

The essential oils of many plants fight effectively against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. They can also help with respiratory difficulties that often accompany seasonal viral infections. Plants have perfected the craft of defending themselves and surviving for millions of years. Let them help us in the same manner. 


Preschool children can get sick up to ten times a year. Exposure to various viruses with which they haven’t yet been in contact will often lead to respiratory problems and fever. This is perfectly normal – their immunity is still maturing, it’s an expected developmental path. Although normal, this doesn’t mean that it’s simple – neither for children nor for parents. It’s not easy to go on sick leave every now and then to take care of your child, nor is there always someone available to step in if the parents are at work. It’s especially difficult when the whole household is "in trouble" and the whole family catches a cold.

To strengthen the immune system, alleviate symptoms, or speed up recovery, it’s easiest to enrich your living space with essential oils using a diffuser. Also, due to the antimicrobial properties, in this way, it’s possible to purify and disinfect the air and thus reduce the possibility of pathogen transmission indoors.


Less is more when it comes to essential oils. You only need several oils for your own immune blend, which will also purify and disinfect the air and alleviate respiratory difficulties. And, of course, you’ll need a diffuser that will disperse oils into tiny particles so they can show their full potential.

The recipe for the blend is very simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. Get your diffuser ready and add these essential oils in:

Tea tree essential oil is a mighty fighter against respiratory infections of all kinds. It has a stimulating effect on the immune, muscular, and nervous systems. Eucalyptus, in addition to bringing antiviral and antibacterial properties, will help clear your airways and stimulate coughing up mucus. Rosemary is also an excellent choice for respiratory problems due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Like eucalyptus, it will help with coughing up. Lemon – an integral part of any essential oil collection – will disinfect your living space, and along the way try to cheer you up and remove feelings of restlessness or anxiety.

Diffuse this blend in your living space two to three times a day for an hour.

Additional advice

When using this blend in the evening, add 3 drops of true lavender to it. This essential oil has an extremely relaxing effect. It will bring its anti-stress properties, calm you down, and prepare you for quality and sound sleep.


Eucalyptus essential oil is not suitable for children under the age of two years. If your children are in this age category, worry not – just leave it out of the blend. Read more about essential oil use in pregnancy and with newborns in this blog.


We at KAIAA offer what we love the most – a helping hand and natural solutions. As much as we can and to all who are willing to give nature a chance. Whether for preventive purposes or to help with difficulties that are already here, nature has its ways and methods. Try to make the season of viruses easier for your family and yourself – make some extra free time. Be strong and prepared to welcome spring.

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