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Rosemary 100% Essential oil

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Rosmarinus officinalis/Salvia rosmarinus


  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Nourishing, nutritive and skin balancing effect
  • Helps clear brain fog
  • Improves concentration 

Rosemary is a perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean region. Similarly to a plethora of other aromatic herbs, today rosemary can be found all over the world. Its Latin name, ros + marinus, is commonly translated as “dew of the sea”. It even produces light, pale blue flowers. No small wonder for this aromatic and easygoing romantic. Rosemary can sway carelessly in the sea breeze that will quench its thirst for water, and bask in the sun just as easily. Mind you, it has nothing to do with its being lazy. Quite the contrary, rosemary uses this “downtime” to mull things over. The rosemary scent is often described as strong, spicy and racy, a bit like camphor. For some, it is sharp and bitter, and for others extremely pleasant and pleasing. Despite differences in opinions, and without much effort, rosemary has gained a firm footing in cuisine, the fragrance industry and folk medicine. And modern aromatherapy, of course. 

Rosemary essential oil has antimicrobial properties. A few drops in the diffuser, or air freshener spray, will be a great air purifier. In skin creams and balms this oil will have a nourishing and nurturing effect, especially on excessively oily skin. In such applications it will stimulate blood flow and aid damaged skin renewal. Rosemary might be easygoing and careless, but never sluggish. The invigorating air it creates will help keep exhaustion and tension away. Despite its calming and relaxing effect, rosemary can also improve your memory and concentration. Nice and easy, one might say, but spoiler alert: rosemary oil will make haste slowly. 


Country of Production: Croatia
Country of Origin: India 
Cultivation Method: Organic
Extraction Method: Steam distillation of flowers and leaves


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard

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