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Tea tree 100% Essential oil

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Melaleuca alternifolia


  • Antiseptic effect
  • Antifungal effect
  • Skin soothing and anti-blemishing effect
  • Air and surfaces disinfectant 

The tea tree is a wild plant native to Australia and New Zealand. It can be a tall shrub or grow into a tree. The tea tree lives in swampy areas, and its leaves and twigs often fall into water. The water turns brown similar to a tea infusion – which is where it name derives from. Its value was recognized long time ago by Aboriginal Australians. They would crush its leaves and apply the paste to soothe the wounds and restore bruised skin. After lying dormant, the tea tree made a remarkable comeback. Once again it resumed its role of a guardian, continuing to build its reputation. Tea tree essential oil has a distinctive fragrance. It is often described as herbaceous and green with leather notes. Many will find it pleasant and interesting. 

Tea tree essential oil is called a guardian and protector for a good reason. It has strong anti-septic properties. And often protects the skin from different stresses. A few drops in your moisturizer or nourishing facial oil will have a soothing effect on irritated skin and provide additional hydration. This essential oil is used to reduce skin irregularities, and as a powerful acne fighter. It will be equally effective if mixed into a shampoo, shower gel or body lotion. The tea tree has a protective effect in homemade toothpastes, creams for insect bites, and oils for dry scalp. It will also take care of your living space. Tea tree oil is a great disinfectant in natural cleaning products and a mold killer. A few drops in the diffuser will purify the air. And turn your house into a clean and fresh home. After using this oil you can relax, take a deep breath and feel safe. Those who find its distinctive scent unpleasant usually mix it with other oils. Be that as it may, but never ignore the precious effects of this little helper on account of its aroma. 

    Country of Production: Croatia
    Country of Origin: Australia
    Cultivation Method: Organic 
    Extraction Method: Steam distillation of leaves


    COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard

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