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The beginning of a new year seems like a great time to compile lists of resolutions and start making some changes. In theory, at least. This calendar shift seems to call out for a change of habits. It sounds like a great starting point for something we’ve been putting off for a long time. In actuality, all kinds of pressure come with it. We can hear New Year, New Me coming from every direction. We may ask ourselves if our list is good enough. What if we don’t have a list at all? Should we make one? If nothing else, to have some quick answers ready when asked about what will drastically change in our lives in the next 365 days.


The closer we are to New Year’s, the longer the lists of resolutions seem to be getting. That's not a bad thing in itself. But we can fall into a trap very easily – we decide on things we might not be able to achieve. If we don’t resist the pressure to make dramatic changes in just one year, there’s a possibility that we’ll set ourselves up with unrealistic expectations. There can be too many decisions on the list. Maybe just a few, but very demanding ones. It’s a lot of work for one year’s time. If we don’t succeed by the end of the year, is that considered a large failure? How is it that we weren’t able to deliver?


With high expectations often comes a feeling of guilt. We failed to achieve our New Year's resolutions – we must not have tried hard enough; we call ourselves this and that. In moments like these, it’s good to take a break and ask yourself if the problem resides in the list of resolutions itself, not in you. See if your list contains goals and resolutions that are too general or abstract. Yes, becoming a better person sounds like a great decision, but what does it actually mean? Try to break it down a bit more specifically. What are some behaviors that make you a better person, and towards whom are they directed? Define how you’ll know you have reached your goal. Also, make sure your list is even attainable in a period of a year. With a little planning and calculation, try to see if the list is feasible, opt for the most realistic version of it. This may require you to cross some things off the list. And that's perfectly fine.


Whether you’re a New Year’s resolution maker or not – KAIAA wishes you lots of self-care in 2022. We’re aware that this is a very general and unclear wish, so we encourage you to find out what self-care means to you. In what ways can you achieve it, how often. Determine how you’ll recognize that you have been taking care of yourself. In the year 2022, we at KAIAA are putting even more nature and sustainable living on our list. Of course, plenty of essential oils, trips to the outdoors, and as little environmental pollution as possible. Whatever you decide to do, don't be too hard on yourself, take it slow.

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