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We all love it when our home smells nice. Whether it's a freshly cleaned house, the smell after doing laundry, or new bedding. It is common knowledge that we all feel better when surrounded by a good smell. There is rarely anything better than natural scents that make you feel good, and the space around you will smell perfect.

Best of all, you don't need to go to stores and buy ready-made fragrances that contain various chemicals; you can make your own fragrances. Combine everything you love and ensure that your home always smells the way you love it.


The solution, of course, lies in the use of essential oils. They are natural, healthy and most importantly - they smell great! Essential oils have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the reasons is that essential oils can be used in many ways. Each of these possibilities will improve and enhance your life in some way.

The market for essential oils is significant, and there are many oils that you can choose from, so we decided to help you and highlight the best oils that you can use in your home so that it always smells divine. You feel good and happy knowing you use natural air fresheners without chemicals and toxins.




Although the market is large and there are many choices, it ultimately comes down to what suits your preferences and needs. When choosing fragrances that will enrich your home, you want them to serve you as much as possible.


If you like citrus scents and feel good about them, scents like orange and lemon will be the perfect choice for you. These scents will give the room freshness with a sweet note that will make you feel comfortable and happy. On the other hand, earthy scents like lavender, rosemary, frankincense, peppermint or lemongrass will freshen up the space, encourage you to concentrate, and calm you down to relax as possible and enjoy what you're doing.

Also, remember what you want to choose the essential oil for. In addition to a pleasant and fresh smell, you can use essential oils to refresh the space and increase concentration and motivation. Consider using essential oils in the office because many of us work from home and are surrounded by "old" scents that are not so motivating. That's why, to regain energy and concentration, we put a few drops of essential oil in sprays or diffusers and enjoy the smell and the expected outcome of inhaling the scent.


You can also use essential oils in the form of fragrances to, for example, disinfect your home, lift your mood, set the atmosphere on fire or simply make you feel good. You can use essential oils in many ways, and the most important thing is to adapt them to yourself and what you want to achieve by using them.




It is tough to single out only a few essential oils that can be used in the home, but we will try to single out some favorites that have proven to fulfill all wishes and needs. You will need a diffuser or spray, which you can find in our online store or make yourself.


Earlier, we briefly referred to the smell in the work area. When we work, we want to feel good and motivated to complete all tasks as well and efficiently as possible, but sometimes that takes work. We all have days when we are not motivated and don't feel like working, but essential oils can be a great solution to the problem. Try rosemary or lemon essential oil to refresh the space and lift your mood. Thus, be more ready to do your work more successfully.



We believe that you, like us, love a fragrant living room. It is the space where we spend a large part of the day, and how the room smells can significantly affect mood, emotions and the like. The use of essential oils in such spaces, where many people often stay, can try to balance emotions, mask unwanted odors, and during colds, alleviate symptoms and the development of the disease itself. In this case, we recommend you try our essential oils of lavender and sweet orange, whose fresh notes make every space fragrant and so pleasant that you will not want to leave them.

If you like a lighter and fresher aroma, we recommend trying orange, spearmint, Himalayan cedar and lemon eucalyptus. Each of these essential oils will refresh the space while at the same time positively affecting your mood. Some will relax you, and some will motivate you to keep doing what you need to do in your day.

On some more solemn occasions, when you want a more intimate atmosphere, try oils such as frankincense, sweet orange, and clove, which will delight you with their warm and attractive notes. It only takes a few drops in the diffuser to lift the atmosphere and make it as you imagined.

But at the end of the day, when we are tired and fed up with everything, all we want is to rest well to be ready for what awaits us in the coming days. In addition to natural smells like an airy space or the fragrance of new and washed bedding, essential oils can significantly improve how well you rest. My absolute favorite, in this case, is, of course, lavender essential oil. The aroma of lavender is gentle, mild, and non-invasive, and at the same time, it freshens the space and air so that you can sleep as well as possible.


With the onset of the pandemic, but also earlier, it became essential for many people to disinfect their space. We don't need to stress how important it is to take care of your health and that smells often affect your health. To disinfect the rooms, use essential oils such as tea tree, lemon and lavender, which smell perfect and fresh while at the same time disinfecting your home with their antiseptic properties.




The best and most efficient way to use essential oils, and to benefit you and your home, is by using diffusers or sprays. Earlier, we hinted that you could find sprays in our online store, and we are talking about the Spray Away and the space freshener Let's Make it Clear.

Our Spray Away air freshener contains essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass mixed with alcohol. This herbal combination is ideal for solving the problem of unpleasant odors. At the same time, along the way, it will disinfect the space and have an energizing and awakening effect.


Let's Make It Clear air freshener is perfect for refreshing and cleaning the space. The spray contains essential oils of lavender, Indian incense, rosemary, and cloves mixed with alcohol. In addition to restoring and purifying the area, this spray's scent will disinfect it and make it safe for everyone.

In addition to the spray, you can diffuse essential oils in your home using a diffuser. Add water and a few drops of selected oils to the diffuser and enjoy the relaxing sounds and smells and the benefits that come with the use of essential oils.

You can't wait to try your combination and enjoy a fragrant home according to your wishes.

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