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Extraction of essential oils from plants has been discovered by Persian and Egyptian chemists. According to historical records, this happened as far back as 3000 years ago. There is also a legend according to which one of Queen Cleopatra's maids was the first to notice the fragrant layer of essential oil In the queen's bath of rose petals. The ancient Persians cooked aromatic herbs in a sealed pot, allowed it to cool, and then collected a thin layer of essential oil that floated on the surface of the water. Although the ancient methods were not as sophisticated as they are today, the process of obtaining essential oils has not changed significantly. Distillation and pressing are still the main methods. The only difference is that over time we have learned to achieve better results - to get more oil and maintain better stability and quality.


It is assumed that the compounds found in the essential oils of the plant developed for several reasons. As protection against harmful external influences - microorganisms, external weather conditions, as an insect repellent and so on. The plants have developed a multitude of fragrant compounds with the help of which they attract insects that pollinate them. All these compounds are part of the essential oil of an individual plant. Interestingly, they truly transmit the scent of the plant from which they are derived. This is how the term essential came about – the oil contains the true essence of a plant. The scent is invisible but remains in the ether. Like the radio hosts who are “in the air”, the scent of the essential oil is in the air too, although we cannot see it or touch it.


To isolate a mixture of chemical compounds called essential oil from a particular plant, a large amount of plant material is required. Depending on the plant, where we find these compounds also differs. Sometimes it is a leaf, sometimes the bark of a fruit, in some cases a flower or the whole aboveground part of a plant. Also, the method of extracting will differ. In most cases, it is steam distillation, and less often sealing or pressing. Here are some examples:

  • true lavender - essential oil is obtained by distillation of flowers with steam
  • Indian frankincense - steam is distilled from the resin out of the bark of the tree
  • rosemary - the leaves are steam distilled
  • spearmint or peppermint - the entire aboveground part of the plant is distilled with water vapor
  • lemon or sweet orange - the essential oil is obtained by sealing the peel of the fruit
  • clove - essential oil is be obtained by distillation of dry buds


    Unlike various drugs and preparations patented by the pharmaceutical industry, essential oils cannot be regulated by patent. They are natural blends not subjected to such rules and regulations. After all, each plant has developed its own specific combination of compounds for many years, not developed by a company in the laboratory. No rights can be claimed for nature’s gift, therefore - the plant is its own owner. This is great news because it increases the availability of essential oils which is one of KAIAA’s main objectives- availability to all. On the other hand, essential oils are often neglected due to the impossibility of patenting. Their healing properties are not being researched enough - it’s hard to profit from what’s not someone’s exclusive property. Even though they cannot patent oils, certain aromatherapists and researchers still insist and emphasize the values ​​of essential oils. KAIAA is advocating these values as well. The process is, unfortunately, slow and time consuming. All the possibilities and properties of essential oils are still in a process of discovering.


    Feel the multitude of natural scents and valuable properties. See the possibilities that essential oils provide - without patents, without unavailability and restrictions, with freedom of choice. KAIAA dares you to give nature a chance, explore it and embrace it. Essential oils are more accessible than ever and returning to nature is achievable goal with plenty of benefits for you and your loved ones. Peek into the KAIAA world and see for yourself, it's new and exciting, and good for you.

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