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No one likes to see stretch marks and scars on their body. Although society's opinion on this problem is changing, and stretch marks are not seen as something "ugly," we would still rather be without them. It is known that women suffer from this problem most often, especially after pregnancy. Still, stretch marks are also seen in men.

Stretch marks can appear on the stomach, buttocks, thighs and breasts. People who have stretch marks often hide them, feel insecure and sometimes, in severe cases, lose their self-confidence. We would love it if everyone were happy with how their body looks, but we know that's not the case. Below, we highlight a few essential oils that will ease the problem with stretch marks or their development.

But first, let's go back to the basics. We all know that stretch marks exist and what they look like. Still, only some know how to explain anything in detail about this problem that affects several million people.


In the simplest terms, you will recognize stretch marks on the skin as long strips or thin lines that can appear above the navel, across the lower back, lower abdomen, inner upper arms, inner thighs, hips, and breasts, and are most often red, purple or white colors.

Stretch marks occur because the middle layer of skin is stretched to the point of cracking or tearing. Pregnancy, hormones, genetic factors, and sudden weight loss or gain can cause stretch marks. In the very beginning (when stretch marks start to "grow"), you will recognize them by their purple or red color. Then over time, they will fade and become white and flatter but still present on the body.

Statistically, women suffer from stretch marks more than men, and even 90% of women get stretch marks during pregnancy, even if they have never had them before. Although stretch marks do not cause physical pain, they can affect a person's mental health and self-confidence. Because of the scars on the body, women and men develop an almost hostile attitude towards their bodies, hide much more often, and feel insecure.

It should be emphasized that stretch marks are different for each individual and that not everyone can get rid of them similarly. Also, many experts agree that there is currently no cream or lotion that will altogether remove stretch marks. Still, various methods can be used to ease them. One of these methods involves the use of essential oils.


Essential oils represent natural treatments that allow the skin to regain its elasticity and, in addition, have healing and regenerating properties. Although they have many favorable properties, these are the most important in the treatment, prevention and recovery from stretch marks.

However, if all these reasons have yet to convince you enough to treat stretch marks with essential oils, below we bring you a few more reasons that will change your mind. So, how can essential oils positively affect the skin, and thus the problem with stretch marks and scars?


  • Essential oils improve the overall texture of the skin,
  • Essential oils nourish, moisturize and hydrate the skin,
  • Essential oils restore elasticity to the skin,
  • Essential oils promote the production of collagen in skin cells, which results in healing,
  • Essential oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce skin allergies such as irritation, redness, itching...,
  • Essential oils have antioxidant properties,
  • Essential oils regenerate new skin cells,
  • Essential oils improve the overall appearance of the skin.

After highlighting the benefits of essential oils on the skin, we will look at specific examples of essential oils recommended in the fight against stretch marks.


The vast essential oil market contains oils that help in many areas and problems. These are a few essential oils that experts recommend in fighting against stretch marks and scars. It is important to note that essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin because they can be very dangerous. Essential oils must be diluted with a base oil (e.g., almond oil) before applying to the skin.

We start the list with Lavender essential oil, best known for its healing and soothing properties. One of the properties of this oil is that it can increase the production of collagen, which stimulates cell regeneration, that is, the creation of new tissue. This is precisely why it can help reduce wounds and form granulation tissue that promotes wound healing, leading to the effective treatment of stretch marks.

The next up is Tea tree essential oil. Although this essential oil is most often associated with solving problems of the respiratory system, it is also very nutritious for skin problems and irritations. Tea tree essential oil has multiple benefits for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. A few drops of tea tree essential oil in a cream or lotion (combined with some base oil) will soothe irritated skin and properly hydrate it. Precisely because it is highly concentrated, it is not recommended to use it directly on the skin. Apply it with a base oil that will ensure no reaction or skin irritation.


Next is the Clove essential oil, which has a strong analgesic effect and exhibits antimicrobial properties. It is beneficial in the fight against stretch marks because it stimulates the whole body. Still, you should be careful in dosing the oil because it is solid, so the quantities in which you use it should be small, and clove essential oil should be used with the help of base oil.


Sweet orange essential oil offers the skin restorative and regenerative possibilities and helps ton the skin. It will prevent skin fragility, which can avoid the appearance of stretch marks. You should be careful with an orange essential oil like the previous two oils. It is highly concentrated and robust and is not recommended for direct skin application unless combined with a base oil.



Although there are no severe consequences or risks from using essential oils, you should always be careful when bringing specific preparations into direct contact with the skin, and these are some of the precautions you can take:


  • Consult your doctor if you can use essential oils for stretch marks if you suffer from some other skin problems,
  • Dilute essential oils in a base oil (almond, coconut...),
  • Keep essential oils away from children and pets and avoid being near them immediately after you have applied the oil to your body,
  • Do not use essential oils too close to your eyes, nose or other sensitive areas where the oil could enter your body,
  • Before you spread the essential oil on a larger skin area, test a small area and check if skin reactions and irritations occur.
  • Use essential oils only for external use,
  • Be well-informed before you start using an essential oil on your body.


We know that stretch marks are widespread during pregnancy. Many pregnant women would like to enjoy their pregnancy and the child without feeling bad when they see stretch marks on their bodies. Stretch marks can be alleviated by using essential oils and possibly even prevented by applying them before pregnancy. However, it is still recommended to consult a doctor before using essential oils during pregnancy.

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