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It's no secret that we allow ourselves some indulgence during the holidays. More food, alcohol, more physical inactivity – to each his own. We know what we’re doing, often not making much fuss about it. Should we, even? After all, it’s the holidays, we’re allowed to celebrate, there’s nothing wrong with that. We step out of our routines for a bit, allow ourselves some abundance, maybe even overindulge. It’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world either.


It's also no secret that we often feel a need for a New Year detox. We want to erase all traces the holidays may have left on our bodies – as soon as possible. There is plenty of advice on how to achieve this – from living on freshly squeezed juices only, to radical diets or fasting – all in one week. These protocols are not easy to adhere to, and most often they are not healthy either. Fortunately, our body is brilliant and has everything it needs for a full recovery. Our liver, digestive system, lungs and skin are already on it – the detox has started. It never even stopped to begin with.


Even though our body is working at full speed, we can still lend a helping hand for a better and faster recovery. It is important to know how to achieve this, that is, to know whether we are actually helping. Methods that comprise of radical changes can do more harm than good. For the body to optimally perform its own detox, it needs quality energy.

It’s important to eat regularly, not starve yourself or start a radical diet. Make yourselves some nice soups and stews, avoid very fatty ingredients, eat foods rich in protein. Avoid cold dishes and hard-to-digest foods. Don't forget about vegetables and fruits. Try to cut down on processed foods – go for "clean" products as much as possible. This way, the body will have all the necessary nutrients for a swift comeback. Restricting your food intake can only put extra strain on the body.

If you’ve indulged in alcoholic beverages more than you planned, it would be wise to ignore them for a few days. A glass of red wine paired with a delicious meal will not set you back dramatically but try to drink enough water to begin with. The alcohol can wait a bit, your liver will thank you.

Do some movement or exercise. We know this may not be the most tempting of ideas after a holiday season full of food and drink, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Start slow – take a half-hour walk each day. If you exercise regularly, try to break some sweat. Whatever you choose will be beneficial and speed up the processes your body has already started.


Without being too presumptuous, we recommend a few essential oils that will, in addition to the above mentioned, help in your detox mission:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil – inhale it and make some extra space in your air pathways
  • Tea tree essential oil – nourish your skin with tea tree oil mixtures, energizing and lift yourself up
  • True lavender essential oil – apply it on irritated or damaged skin (you don’t even have to dilute it)
  • Rosemary essential oil – stimulate blood flow and bring upon movement & flow (even if you’re resting and being still)
  • Peppermint essential oil – give yourself a jolt of new and fresh energy (mix in balms, shampoos or pain-relieving balms)
  • Himalayan cedar essential oil – add to products for draining excessive water retention, stimulate your lymphatic system


As an additional step, detox the environment you live in and the air you breathe. The Let's make it clear air spray is a blend of ethanol and essential oils that will complete your detox mission. Breathe in some clean air enriched with aromas and benefits of pure nature. While you’re doing that, find a moment to rest and relax – a detox works best when you’re not stressed.


There’s no such thing as a magical detox, no quick fix. But with a bit of nature, some moderation and motivation, it will unfold on its own. With a nudge of help, it will go even more smoothly. Radical and sudden changes may seem tempting or sound very healthy, but they can exhaust us even more. In addition, they are often not sustainable. They’re not here for the long run. Give a chance to a healthy diet and a clean environment. Who knows, maybe you’ll even realize that these are quite sustainable habits.

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