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We all like to smell good; that's a fact. Whether spray deodorant, roll-on or apply deodorant cream, we want to feel and smell good. We like to smell good for the people around us, but primarily for ourselves because we feel clean and cared for when we smell good.

However, the use of deodorants has fallen significantly in recent years. Reasons for this are the numerous harmful effects on women's health and environmental issues. It's mostly associated with spray deodorants - every time you use it, part of the gas that comes out of the bottle goes into the atmosphere and negatively affects the atmosphere and climate change.

However, any drugstore deodorant can harm your body. When choosing a deodorant, read its ingredients; if it contains, for example, aluminum, try to avoid that deodorant. This is because too much aluminum in the body can cause bone disease or dementia, which you definitely want to avoid.

So, to only do a little research and study all the products in the stores, it might be best to give natural-based roll-on deodorants a chance. You will, of course, make these deodorants using natural essential oils that will make you smell good, and not introduce nasty chemicals into your body and the environment, and all this is a reason to, if nothing else, at least try something different.


In the introduction, we briefly discussed the harmful effects of spray deodorants.

Spray deodorants contain several chemicals that harm the environment by spraying the product. The gas in the spray goes into the atmosphere, affects the increase of ozone holes, and damages the air and water. It also affects the worsening of the already big problems with climate change, all because of the chemicals in the composition.

Aluminum, parabens, triclosan, propylene glycol and phthalates are among the most well-known harmful chemicals in spray deodorants. However, aluminum is considered to have the most significant negative impact on the body. If aluminum is used too much on the skin, it can lead to various health problems. For example, it can cause dementia, bone disease, and sometimes breast cancer. Although, scientists point out that the use of aluminum will have more significant negative consequences for people suffering from illnesses related to the kidneys since aluminum has an increased effect on that organ.

In addition to having negative impacts on health and the environment, keep in mind that a good portion of deodorant spray does not actually end up in the intended location; rather, the product is dispersed to other areas. Therefore, as an alternative, use natural roll-on deodorants because they will positively affect you and the environment.


Apart from the packaging, the most significant difference between these two types of deodorant is how we apply them to the skin. Spray deodorants will often end up in other places, such as some parts of clothing, and some will be dispersed into the air. On the other hand, roll-on deodorants stay where you apply them since there is no need to spray the product.

With roll-on deodorant, you apply more of the active ingredient directly to the area. This makes them ideal for men who want to reduce perspiration that would not be affected as much using a spray deodorant. Another great fact about roll-on deodorants is that no one asks you to borrow them, which is often not the case with spray deodorants.


The answer to this question is very simple - because it is natural, and you can put it together yourself. Using a natural-based roll-on made with essential oils, you mostly do yourself and your body a favor because you know which products you use and which chemicals you don't.

In addition, making your own deodorant is often cheaper than buying it, and at the same time, you help the environment by not using packaging that is difficult to recycle. And the best is that this kind of natural deodorant is very easy to make!


Among the best essential oils used in natural deodorants, lemon oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil and rosemary oil stand out.

The lemon essential oil has a stimulating and refreshing aroma. Many people recommend lemon for deodorants because it is acidic and very effective in reducing body odor. Furthermore, tea tree essential oil is known for its fresh and pungent smell, which makes it perfect if you want to prevent unpleasant odors naturally. Tea tree oil has natural cleansing and astringent properties, which help detoxify the armpits and reduce unpleasant odors. Because of these properties, some consider it the best choice when making their own deodorant.

Another oil used in making natural deodorant is lavender essential oil. It has soothing properties for both the mind and body. This essential oil soothes the skin and helps reduce unpleasant odors. It also helps relieve itching and dry skin and is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Likewise, it should be emphasized that you can also use rosemary essential oil to make a natural deodorant. Its unique aroma makes it an ideal ingredient for preventing unpleasant odors and alleviating various skin inflammations.

However, the combination of lavender, lemon and rosemary is one of the favorite combinations in making deodorant based on essential oils.


It is important to note that after making a natural deodorant, you first apply each product to a small part of your body to see if you will have any reaction. Even though these are natural ingredients, the body sometimes has an adverse reaction, and you definitely want to avoid that.

One of the simplest, perhaps the best, recipes is the one in which you choose which essential oils to use in your deodorant. You can narrow down the selection depending on your preferences; you just need to be careful about which products you will combine.

For example, you can choose a so-called primary or base oil (such as coconut, jojoba and similar). After selecting the base oil, you can use the oil of your choice or one of the essential oils we mentioned earlier. So, essential oil of rosemary, lemon, tea tree and lavender.

For the perfect homemade roll-on deodorant, you will need a glass roll-on bottle of 10 ml. As for the manufacturing process, it is very simple and reads as follows:

  1. Add 10 drops of essential oil of your choice to the bottle.
  2. Next, add the base oil of your choice and pour it into the bottle until you reach the top edge of the bottle.
  3. Then replace the upper part of the bottle and return the roll-on ball.
  4. The last step is to use the product. If you bought a glass bottle with a ball, just open the product and apply it directly to the armpit area, and if that's not the case and you don't have such a bottle, don't worry because we have a solution for that too.

In that case, put the contents of the deodorant on your finger and then on the armpit area so that you don't spill too much product and apply the product to the place you want.

And that's super simple and good for your body, health and the environment.


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