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Essential oils are concentrated, natural liquid essence obtained from plants. Essential oils are the essence of a particular plant extracted and prepared to bring the power of nature into your life. Inside plants there is a whole tiny universe going on, hiding in roots, seeds, flowers, bark, with concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These natural compounds are essential oils. Essential oils give plant its scent, protect it from environmental conditions, assist with pollination, among other important usage benefits. KAIAA recognizes the importance of these naturally occurring gifts and treasure their value.

Two methods

For a variety of chemical compounds we want to extract, or isolate, a very large amount of plant material is needed to obtain essential oils. There are two most common ways to extract plant wealth, its core and essence:

  • steam distillation
  • cold-press extraction


Steam distillation is a method in which hot water vapor is passed through plant material. By this method, the compounds we want to extract are separated from the plant material. The water vapor then carries them further through the apparatus and leads to a tube into which it is cooled by water. At this point condensation of water and essential oils occurs - water vapor with isolated chemical compounds returns to the liquid state. Because oils are lighter than water and do not dissolve in water, they remain on the surface of mixture, and it is easy to collect it. The essential oil is now ready for proper storage or bottling. It is important to keep your oils stored in a tight container with no air to preserve its quality and durability.


Sealing or pressing is not the most common way of obtaining essential oils, but it is very simple. Part of the plant or the whole plant is first prepared – the plant is pricked with small needles to release the compounds we want to extract. The herbal mixture is then combined with water and pressed. This way essential oils are extracted from the plant, separating them from the water. This method is commonly used with citrus fruits with peel rich in oil glands, which are pressed for extraction. When extracted, essential oil is ready for proper packaging and storage.


KAIAA is bringing the nectar of gods to commoner’s table. And does that loud. There is no need to pay a fortune or break a bank to bring these gifts of nature to your home. As a rule, if it is called an essential oil, it must be a one hundred percent extract of the plant. In the industry, this is not always the case. There is an ocean of products under the label of essential oils, when in fact they are not. KAIAA takes no compromises, we are all about 100 percent pure extract. It is never enough to emphasize and KAIAA wants to inform, draw attention to the industry of natural remedies and clarify ambiguities. KAIAA calls its essential oils by their real name. You can count on pure nature and safety in KAIAA’s drops – whether on your skin or hair care product, diffuser or aroma lamp, natural cleansers, or aromatherapy. KAIAA is not cutting any slacks, that’s why there is no harmful additives and fillers in KAIAA’S products.


Scented oils are often confused with essential oils. Although they smell similar, even falsely identical, they differ significantly. Scented oils do not have the properties attributed to essential oils - because they do not have the same chemical composition. Scented oils are usually a combination of synthetic and natural aromas. Synthetically obtained compounds are not obtained by extraction from plant material - they are created in the laboratory. Because it will differ from natural ingredients in its properties, thus in its possibilities of application. The smell is there, but the effect is not. Fragrant and synthetic oils are not suitable for use in aromatherapy. It will mimic the scent, but it will not purify nor provide all the benefits of essential oils.


KAIAA wants sustainability and affordability for everyone. KAIAA is nurturing and loving and all about giving back to mother nature and the environment. Our lives depend on it. The negative impacts of our carbon print on the environment are increasingly visible and detrimental. KAIAA wants to be a part of the solution against pollution and destruction. We take from nature what we need and then we give back. KAIAA wishes to introduce the gifts of nature into your life and home. A few drops of essential oil will work great in your moisturizer or face oil or help you cleanse and refresh the space. It will act on tension, drive away stress, solidify sleep. Energize, awaken, and focus as needed. Clean your household with the help of essential oils. It is possible and easy to turn to natural resources and change your habits. KAIAA invites you to say yes to nature, yes to better you and better life around you. It takes time, but we are getting there. One drop at a time.

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