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KAIAA is all about innovation, thriving and novelty – in harmony with nature. Humans are resourceful and adaptable beings. Such are the plants, able to adapt to new, different conditions. Sometimes we must accept change by force of circumstances which is not always easy. So many of us had to adjust to working from home. Workspace became our home and vice versa. Lines are blurred. We feel alarmed and unsettled. Change is inevitable and daring. But it is also a chance for new beginnings, reinventing ourselves and see the world with a pair of fresh eyes.


Times are volatile, environment is changing, rumor has it is an evolutionary jump, or the great leap forward. Sometimes we are involved and energetic, sometimes insufficiently motivated, and barely focused. It’s all part of human experience and everyday life. It’s what makes us human, nothing weird or wrong about that. But sometimes our mood swings do not fit into our work schedule. Again, we try to adapt, do our best, never give up.


Human evolution is undergoing a shift so profound; the proof can be seen with the naked eye. This shift is causing millennia – old beliefs and social structures to be scrutinized like never before – perhaps for the very first time. Emerging in such time KAIAA is inviting us to return to nature. Introducing something new and useful, and directly from the source. The power of essential oils is available to everyone. For those who want to ease stressful hours at work, or to relax at home. The effects are immediate for those who need some mental clarity during exhausting working hours. An extra drop of energy and mental acuity. Fortunately, KAIAA likes to work equally hard at home and at the office. 


KAIAA was created out of desire to help and ease the demands of life. KAIAA wants to help make the workday more comfortable, efficient, without stress and anxiety. KAIAA principle shifts your focus to a working day that is pleasant and joyful. The goal is not to work from morning to night, but to distribute energy efficiently for other activities during the day. After all, leisure is important for overall health. Quality time spent with loved ones is priceless. KAIAA wants to get involved by becoming a part of your routine to which you always happily return.



Some days we are sluggish, tired, we lack motivation. Even the fifth coffee doesn’t work its magic. We try our best, but it's as if our brain is shutting down. Brain fog, mind exhausted. KAIAA invites you to try a different approach. Lemon and sweet orange essential oils have an awakening and energizing effect. They are fresh, bittersweet, uplifting and focusing. Add a few drops into a diffuser or aroma lamp and the fifth coffee daily will soon become a memory of bad habit. The essential oil of peppermint or spearmint will bring freshness to your space and mind, bringing you back from lethargy. Remove the mental web and take a natural kick of energy and focus. 


As always, there is another side to the coin. Sometimes there is a lot of work and little time. Deadlines are approaching, stress is accumulating. We want to do our best and deliver what is required, but the torrent of thoughts and heartbeat only retaliates. We want to get everything on time, but we can't do it. Instead of arriving on time, we think about whether we will arrive on time. KAIAA recommends you try recognizing these warning signs on time. Once you recognize them, you are ready for action. Essential oils of true lavender, rosemary or Indian incense are ideal in such situations. A few drops of these oils in a diffuser or aroma lamp will do wonders. Be patient and consciously follow the relaxation flow. Take a deep breath and exhale a few times. Allow yourself a moment just for yourself. There is no room for haste. Once you find your balance, continue with the activities. Soon you will realize that you can hurry slowly


KAIAA is adaptable - loves both working from home and office work. If you work in an office, KAIAA invites you to explore. Invite your co-workers to try something new and exciting. The diffuser and aroma lamp can be used everywhere you feel comfortable to bring it with you. Essential oils will enrich any space with their effects and scents - including office. If your job is at the office, feel free to bring a diffuser with you. Ask, try, observe the effects. Your collective might be surprised with all the positive changes and adopt essential oils in your working space. 


Demanding schedules are not a novelty. KAIAA strives to simplify things and save time. In fact, KAIAA seeks to create extra minutes in a day, helps you distribute your energy evenly, allows the day to last a tad longer. Mixtures of 100 percent essential oils for diffusers or aroma lamps are a perfect match for long days and demanding schedules. Maximum performance, minimum time spent. A few drops in a diffuser or aroma lamp will do its magic. Wake & Shake blend will energize, increase focus, raise you one step higher. The Peace & Quiet blend will restore peace of mind and relief you of any discomfort – it will ground you. 


We all have different needs. We don’t want and need same things. Listen to yourself. Try to identify what suits you best. What you need most. Once you do, KAIAA is at your disposal. It may get overwhelming at first- many oils, all kinds of scents, effects. After that initial impression, the scent that lingers and brings you comfort should be the one to start with. Give yourself enough time. Discover what works best for you - be it lemon, Indian incense, or blends of pure oils. Sit, relax, and choose.

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