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If you know how to use them properly, essential oils can become your best support.

We usually associate essential oils with diffusers, but the truth is - you can apply them in many different ways. One is applying oil blends topically to your skin using roll-on essential oil.

By doing that, the effect of essential oils hits you much faster, and it can help you with some more specific problems.

Using roll-on essential oil also boosts energy and regains focus or relaxation, and you can also use it to reduce inflammations and pains. First, let's clarify what a roll-on essential oil is.

This product is used for the topical application of essential oil blends to the skin. The bottles are usually made with a stainless steel ball, making applying the oil mixture to the selected area easier.

Which oils you blend together is entirely up to you, although there are many examples of how to make a roll-on and which oils to use. What is important to remember is that roll-ons are made with a mixture of carrier oil (avocado, coconut, jojoba or sweet almond oil) with a combination of some essential oil. The purpose of the roll-on is, in fact, to apply essential oils to the skin in a much safer way.

We know that applying pure essential oils to the skin can be dangerous. We always diffuse them with carrier oils.


In addition to being practical for everyday wear and traveling due to their small packaging, roll-ons have some other advantages that can affect and improve your physical condition. We already hinted earlier that using a roll-on is extremely useful if you are in a hurry. They are always at hand when you need them.

Roll-ons are helpful because by using essential oils, i.e., aromatherapy, you use the natural scents of plants to stimulate changes in the mind and body. It should be noted that aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety, depression and bad mood that can often catch us even when we are not at home - another clear indication of why small and portable roll-ons are an excellent solution for you.

If you need something to relax after a tiring and challenging day, we advise you to try Roll-on Take a break. This roll-on was created from a combination of true lavender, sweet orange, Indian frankincense and spearmint, all useful plants that radiate sweetness and warmth yet can clear your mind and bring you back to the necessary balance.

Also, roll-on essential oils can soothe pain in the body. If you bought or made a roll-on to relieve pain, apply the bottle to the place that hurts and massage it. Our Roll-on Shields Up is essential if you feel pain or some inflammation.

This roll-on has an anti-inflammatory, stimulating, and awakening effect; it also provides pain relief and is an excellent natural remedy against insect bites. We used peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus globulus, lemon eucalyptus, tea tree and rosemary, which creates your ideal guardian against all external influences.

Likewise, if you sometimes have days where you don't feel like you've recharged your batteries, we recommend Roll-on Level Up, perfect for gaining energy and focus. This blend was created from a mixture of rosemary essential oil, lemon, peppermint and clove, and its goal is to stimulate and raise energy and create focus and concentration.

However, in addition to the mentioned advantages for mind and body, roll-on essential oils can also be used as a natural perfume. Because essential oils are highly fragrant, this makes them ideal for use as perfume.


Although people like to apply roll-on in different places, a few areas on the body are perfect for applying roll-on.

We'll start with the wrists. The inside of the wrist is a commonplace to apply essential oils. Using the oils on your wrists allows you to deeply inhale your oils whenever you want with just one movement. If that's not reason enough, we've prepared another one. On the inner wrist, there is a pulse clock in the body. This is also where the radial artery is located, which makes it easier for the body to absorb essential oils into the bloodstream.


Next are the temples, which represent a weak point on the forehead's side, and another pulse point that helps reduce stress and headaches.

Then we move on to the area of the lower part of the foot. The bottom of the foot has some of the most prominent pores on the body, making it an ideal place for the rapid absorption of products into the body. Applying essential oils to the lower part of the feet will bring the oil into contact with the rest of the body faster, and thus enjoy all the benefits that using the roll-on provides more quickly. Also, with the help of essential oils, you can give your loved ones an excellent and always desirable foot massage that will reduce stress and anxiety, and the final result will be a good mood and relaxation. In any case, it's worth a try.

The area behind the ears is the last area many point out as ideal for applying roll-on. This area is another one that is common for using various fragrances. Since we don't touch the area behind the ears that often, the essential oil or fragrance can stay and work for a long time. Let's also add that the area around the ears is ideal for applying essential oils because the skin is more permeable than in other places, which is why the essential oils are absorbed faster and better.

In addition to the above, it is also considered that essential oils can be applied to the following areas: around the ankles, on the stomach, the side of the neck, the inside of the elbow, the chest, the back of the knees and all those places that irritate or hurt you.

However, before you decide to buy or do anything, thoroughly research the benefits of all carrier and essential oils so that the final result is excellent for your body, mind and skin but also allows the medicinal properties of plants to reach their full potential.

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