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Essential oils are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide every day, which is not surprising considering how much essential oils can improve life. When we say "improving life,” we primarily mean all potential problems that can be alleviated and solved using oils.

However, it should be kept in mind that using essential oils should be approached cautiously. It would be desirable to research individual essential oils and be informed about their benefits and potential dangers. Many people give up using essential oils because they don't see the desired results, and the problem is usually that they need to do more research on the oil before using it.

That's why, if you've just warmed up to using essential oils or are considering it a possibility, we've decided to share a few tips to make your decision easier. We have singled out the most basic but, at the same time, the most popular ways of using essential oils. However, to begin with, we will briefly refer to essential oils and briefly explain what they are.


In short, essential oils are highly concentrated natural extracts from plants' leaves, flowers, seeds, bark and stems. In recent years, they have become trendy, which is not surprising since they have a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Many essential oils have antibacterial and antiviral properties, which is why many use them for medicinal purposes. Please be careful with this because it should be important that essential oils are not a substitute for medicines but can only help ease ailments and specific symptoms.

Essential oils can be used in many ways, and in recent years it has become trendy to make your creams, lotions and gels containing essential oils. Also, when making such homemade preparations, you should be careful and research which base and essential oils go together, what the ratios are, etc.

The most important thing to remember about essential oils is that accurate information is key to good results. Read one, two or ten articles to ensure you know enough before introducing essential oils into your life.


There are many ways in which essential oils can be used, for example, in the form of aromatherapy, for medicinal properties, for relaxation and as natural cosmetics. An increasing number of people are turning to natural ways of using products in their lives, and there is nothing better than using essential oils.

Essential oils can be used locally, i.e., directly on the skin, in baths, for better and easier sleep, and are especially popular during massages and as an addition to diffusers. But what exactly is it about? We bring a little more below.


We have already explained what we mean by topical use of essential oils - applying essential oils directly to the skin.

Before applying the essential oils to the skin, mix them with the base oil from the source - or the one recommended by experts in combination with a specific essential oil- and only apply it to the skin. Otherwise, nasty skin irritations can occur, which you want to avoid.

When people apply an essential oil topically, they often use it on the temples, feet, and behind the ears. All those areas can help with problems such as migraines or fatigue.


Diffusors, in combination with water, disperse essential oils into the air. Most often, they are electric, and it exists in every size and shape. This is the most popular way of using essential oils because you can be more knowledgeable about the essential oil market to ventilate a room and refresh it with your favorite scent.

In addition, the diffusers will fill the air in the room with the healing and calming benefits of essential oils in just a few minutes. Also, people like to use diffusers to enhance concentration, which will come in handy if you have children who are studying or you sometimes can't concentrate that much at work.


It only takes a few drops to make the space where you work a natural oasis of peace, smell fantastic and remind you of a natural spa center.


Adding essential oils to your bath is a great way to relax after a busy day. It is recommended to combine essential oils with scented salts. The reason is that the oil will not dissolve as nicely if you drip a few drops. It is much better to add salt and shake off a few drops of oil so that the fragrant salt and essential oils mix nicely and dissolve.

Besides the fact that hot baths make us feel good, they promote blood flow and allow blood vessels to work better. Also, for a complete spa experience in the bathroom, light a few candles and enjoy some time for yourself while at the same time doing your body and mind a favor.

You can also use essential oils, for example, in homemade shampoos and body lotions, to which a certain number of drops will be added and which you will then use while bathing or showering. Another possible way to use essential oils in the shower is to inhale the oil while showering. You can do this by adding a few drops of essential oil to the shower wall and inhaling deeply while showering. You can also put a few drops on a sponge or a shower cloth and immediately give yourself a gentle and good body exfoliation.


We all love going to massages, we love it when the masseurs take all the pain out of our back with their hands, and we love that feeling when someone presses their hands on us and relaxes all the muscles in our body. If you've ever had a massage, your masseurs have almost certainly massaged you using an essential oil.

In addition to the fact that it is easily lubricated and thus perfect for massage, it heats up under the movement of the hands, further enhancing the feeling of comfort. However, remember that even with massages, you should apply essential oils in combination with a gentle, neutral-smelling base oil to avoid potential skin reactions.


It is normal to catch a cold in this wintertime, and with that comes specific problems that no one likes to go through. One of the ways to fight a cold is steam inhalation, a technique taught to us by our grandparents. Although it was most often inhaled in the past using teas, today, essential oils are also used.

Boil a few cups of water and pour it into a container, then add 2-5 drops of essential oil that cleans the respiratory tract. Then put your head over the bowl, cover yourself with a towel, and breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes. You can use this method anytime or at night but stop immediately if you feel discomfort or see any reactions on the skin.

Steam inhalation can be very effective if used carefully, and it can also benefit your skin. Best of all, it's straightforward, all you need are just a few ingredients, and a positive result is almost inevitable.

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