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Essential oils have become an important part of the daily routine for nearly all aromatherapy enthusiasts. They are used to purify spaces, affect mental and physical health, and improve overall life quality. However, like any other product on the market, essential oils are products that need to be handled with care and correctly, especially because they are used at home and on the skin.


One of the most important pieces of information you must remember about essential oils is how to store and keep them correctly to last longer and be better. Storing essential oils is one of the most important factors in its longevity, and how you can best preserve and store your essential oils is explained below.


For storing essential oils, always consider safety. Essential oils come from highly concentrated plant extracts, so it's crucial to handle them wisely and carefully as most essential oils are not safe (due to high concentration) for direct or local application to the skin.


The most important thing you need to remember when it comes to storing and keeping essential oils is to choose a place that is not exposed to the sun, the packaging used for storage, and the temperature they are stored at. But, what exactly this means, we reveal more in the continuation of the text.





Proper storage, keeping, and use of essential oils are important because they prolong the lifespan and quality of the essential oil itself. To clarify, if you do not take care of your essential oils, do not store them appropriately and simply do not "take care" of the oils, you automatically affect the deterioration of quality and positive effect of essential oil.


With proper care and storage, you ensure for yourself to use the essential oils longer and make use of every last drop in the bottle, all while enjoying all the benefits and wonderful things that essential oils provide to users.






We believe that by now in your use of essential oils, you have heard some of these tips, but in case you have only recently started using essential oils, or just want to remember what to do to "last longer," we have highlighted a few useful tips on how to store and keep essential oils to be of higher quality and longer-lasting.


Tightly screw the caps on essential oil bottles


One of the simplest ways to safely store essential oils is to tightly screw the cap on the oil bottle after each use. This prevents oxidation, spillage, or water penetration into the bottle – problems that affect the quality of essential oil.



Remember, the less the oil is exposed to air, the longer it will retain its healing properties. Conversely, when the oil is exposed to oxygen frequently and for extended periods, the oil can change its consistency, smell, and properties, which is something we don't want.


Do not expose essential oil bottles to excessive heat or sun


Heat and sunlight can affect the quality of essential oil, and sometimes even change its chemical composition. Also, too much sun negatively affects essential oil and can damage it, while heat can accelerate evaporation and reduce the effectiveness of essential oil.


As summer is coming, it's essential to remember not to keep your essential oils in a cupboard or drawer, and especially not in a heated car – it is recommended to keep and store essential oils in a cool and dark place.




If you have ever bought or looked at essential oils, and you obviously have if you are reading this, you must have noticed that they are always, but always stored in special dark packaging, i.e., dark glass bottles.



You might be wondering why essential oils are not packed and stored in plastic bottles, but the answer behind that is very logical. Since essential oils are very powerful and highly concentrated (which is why many of them should not be applied directly to the skin), most essential oils are strong enough to even degrade plastic over time. This is also the reason why storing in glass packaging is a much better, practical, and safer choice.


The reason why essential oils are kept in dark bottles is primarily for protection and preservation of the oil's quality. If you remember from earlier, light can damage the sensitive composition of essential oils and affect, i.e., worsen the quality of the oil, which we don't want at all. Dark glasses help prevent that from happening, and you can use essential oils safely without thinking about whether the essential oil is still good to use.


As summer is coming and we will have no choice but to cool off, you might be wondering if you can keep essential oils in the fridge or freezer? The answer is yes, but there's a catch.


Many essential oil lovers keep their bottles in the fridge. Contrary to expectations, the reason for this is not low as much as consistent temperature. The equal temperature of the fridge helps to keep essential oils as long as possible. However, do not use the essential oil right after you've taken it out of the fridge. Take it out about 12 hours before use to return to room temperature.


What about the freezer? Essential oils will be safe in the freezer and they will benefit from the dark space and consistent temperature. However, there are certain essential oils, like thyme and rose essential oil, which contain natural compounds that solidify or crystallize in the freezer, so consider the properties of the oil before you decide to put them in the freezer.


To summarize everything we said, store your essential oils in dark, glass bottles to protect them from sun, heat, and all harmful phenomena that adversely affect the quality of essential oil. Make sure to close the caps on the bottles well so that no air remains in the bottle, which can negatively affect the composition of the oil and enjoy all the advantages and benefits that essential oils bring to life.


And remember, proper storage of essential oils is almost as important (if not more important) than taking care of essential oil after opening.


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