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Cellulite appears as bumpy, sunken skin on certain parts of the body such as the upper arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and hips. It is naturally accruing and is a result of the way our skin connects to fat and muscle tissue. At some point, the connective tissue begins to weaken, and thus small indentations appear in the skin, the so-called "orange peel effect".

It’s present in 80 to 90% of women and can appear on bodies of all shapes and sizes. It’s generally a harmless and normal condition. Only in rare cases can it be an indicator of an underlying medical condition. Cellulite is most often dictated by genetics, but hormonal changes, poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity also contribute to its genesis.


Although it’s not an indicator of health, cellulite can be a cause of dissatisfaction for many and can often undermine self-confidence and self-esteem. To no surprise, many don’t like to see it on their bodies and want to get rid of it, or at least reduce its visibility. And that's perfectly fine. We choose whether we want to do something about it or not. If removing it can positively affect your self-image and make you more comfortable in your own body, why not try to remove it?

While there is no magic cure for cellulite – especially overnight – essential oils are a great natural way to get rid of it. Used appropriately in skin formulations and with a good dose of perseverance, essential oils can soften and hydrate your skin, stimulate circulation, activate the lymphatic system and ease and remove the appearance of the infamous "orange peel".


As we said, there is no such thing as a magic wand for cellulite. Fortunately, there is help from nature in the form of essential oils. Will and perseverance, also. On top of that, a healthy diet and physical activity. We cannot give you the latter, nor the will and perseverance, but we’re sharing with you a simple recipe for a massage oil that will help you get rid of cellulite.

You will need the following:

There is little philosophy in making this mixture. Simply combine the listed ingredients in a glass bottle and shake well. Do this before each use.

If applied to the skin, essential oils must first be diluted in a carrier oil. Choose one that suits you best or that is most available to you. If you have the opportunity, opt for cold-pressed oils made from organically grown plants for the safest effect and maximal skincare.

Himalayan cedar essential oil is the oil of choice for treating cellulite. It has a very strong effect on the lymphatic system and circulation – it has an activating effect on them and stimulates flow. In this way, it will also help with excess water retention and soothe tired and swollen legs.

Rosemary essential oil is a great addition to Himalayan cedar. It also stimulates and improves circulation, contributing to the removal of cellulite. Like Himalayan cedar, it is great for skincare.

In addition to the essential oils mentioned above, you can add other ones, depending on your needs. Lemon will help with broken capillaries, Indian frankincense will nourish dry and mature skin, while true lavender will soothe and nourish irritated or damaged skin. If you decide to add additional oils, just make sure that the ratio of essential oils in the carrier remains the same – add a total of 30 drops of essential oils to 50 ml of carrier oil.


Once you’ve made your anticellulite oil, it’s time – who would have thought – for a massage. You can do it on your own or ask for the help of a family member to massage areas that are difficult for you to reach on your own. Massage the cellulite affected areas once a day for at least 10 days in a row.

You can carry on with the massage using your own hands – after all, they’re among the most precious tools we have. Apply the oil to the area you want to massage, fold your hand into a fist and use your finger knuckles as massage tools. Combine different movements and directions – run your knuckles up and down, left and right and finish off with circular movements starting from the centre of the area and going outwards. Find the amount of pressure that suits you best. The goal of this massage is for it to not bring pain, but a certain amount of pressure still needs to be applied. Do this for at least 15 minutes, alternating the mentioned directions of movement.

You can also use a home massage tool. KAIAA recommends a gua sha made of surgical steel. Although gua sha tools are most often made of minerals such as jade or quartz, choose surgical steel instead. This is why: minerals are porous materials, which means that they can absorb various impurities and bacteria, which is why it’s important to thoroughly clean them in boiling water after each use. On the other hand, surgical steel is a nonporous material – it will not absorb anything, while the cleaning process is very simple – just use water and soap. As is the case with a hand massage, use this tool for at least 15 minutes daily.


Nature has been perfecting itself for millions of years. It’s patient, persistent, it perseveres – knowing that things do not appear or disappear overnight. Be like naturedon't give up if you don't see results right away, find your willpower, persist. Remember that change, among other things, takes time.


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