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Pregnancy is a peculiar period, to put it mildly. Hormonal, physical, psychological changes occur. Thousands of questions are coming from inside and outside. Priorities and life goals change suddenly. How to handle it, what about "this", what if "this", what if "that"…? The brain works non-stop. As if the notion of being pregnant isn’t overwhelming enough. But what comes next in terms of essential oils usage? What’s allowed, what isn’t, what to do? After childbirth – how to use essential oils regarding newborns? Again: what is acceptable and what isn’t?



When it comes to pregnancy and essential oils, it’s smart to stop for a minute and consult experts about which oils are acceptable to use, and which are not during pregnancy. General guidelines are available, but it’s important to be mindful of any condition you may have – not everything is for everyone, we are not all the same in our needs. During pregnancy, it’s safest to diffuse essential oils – the concentration of active compounds from oils will not saturate your body and bring harm. Aromatherapists most often agree that essential oils of true lavender and sweet orange are the safest choices.


Similar rules apply to newborns. Less is more. Avoid using dermal products containing essential oils. Instead, diffuse essential oils, and after turning off the diffuser and waiting for 30 minutes, enter your enriched space with your newborn. No need for direct exposure to diffusers and oils. There’s a time and place for everything. Let your baby be a baby and develop its immunity and get to know the world without unnecessary stimuli.

Children from 6 to 12 months of age (also 12 months plus)

Again, similar guidelines as for newborns - except for dermal mixtures. Direct inhalations are not necessary but staying in the room where the diffuser is on will do no harm. In case of high fever, restlessness, breathing difficulties, or pain, try out dermal mixtures. Be careful and start off with a small concentration of essential oil in a carrier oil. If you notice skin irritation or any other type of side effect, stop using the product and seek professional advice.


We like to steer in a safe direction, be moderate. Thus, we would not recommend certain essential oils during pregnancy. Nor would we expose newborns to them. There’s a time and place for everything and everyone. Sometimes it’s better to wait a bit, to introduce things into your lives without haste. During pregnancy, it’s best to avoid stimulating oils such as clove or peppermint – give them a pause, you’ll make use of them later.


Although most pregnant women and children won’t experience side effects from essential oils and their mixtures, caution is always the way to go! We all want the best for ourselves and our young ones. We want to provide them with everything we have at our disposal. We want to help as much as possible – that's why we're here for. But help is not always in giving everything that is offered. Help consists of moderation and providing exactly what is needed. What is appropriate, natural, and balanced. Exactly the amount that is needed – no more, no less.

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