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Although the world may seem to be experiencing complete chaos, ways of finding your inner peace still exist. Ways in which you can find stillness in an environment full of unrest.

It is a formula for success of the people whom we feel comfortable around, who radiate peace and contentment, despite the unrest and chaos surrounding them. These are also the people who are always wonderful to be around and who very often set off our own sense of inner peace.

From them we can learn the active or passive art of being peaceful and still, regardless of external factors. In the moment of obtaining peace, we manage to rely on our own inner compass with ease because we know that everything, no matter what, will be exactly as it should be.

The times we live in are very often an obstacle in our search for peace, and so often are we discouraged along the way. But if we adopt the mechanisms of mindfulness, apply the tools of wakefulness to everyday life, we can very easily transform panic into energy; the burden of surviving into lightness of being.

If any disturbing or uncomfortable news throws us off balance, it is very likely that our own emotions are on autopilot mode. At the same time, in these emotional times, our thoughts can also be unreliable, as they are constantly blabbering on about what might happen next.

If our feelings and thoughts are torrentially activated and intertwined, we will be held hostage to confusion and panic as a pattern of behavior.

However, if we "practice" peace within ourselves, we can reach out to that skill in almost any situation. In addition, we become a place of comfort for our loved ones who are also prone to panic and confusion in their lives, and thus give our contribution to healing the world around us.

It’s helpful keep in mind we do not need to fully understand everything that is happening in this moment, nor should we be able to predict the future. Most of us just want to find our path to more peace and stillness, acceptance of the world surrounding us. The path to that place comes from within.

Cultivating our own inner peace, clarity and stillness by meditating, writing a diary, or reading words that inspire us will take us to that place, a place within us that has always been there – just waiting to be found.


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