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Spring is by far the favourite of seasons for many. Nature is awakening, turning from grey and brown colours to various shades of green or a span of different and vivacious floral colours. Daylight is plentiful, spending time in the fresh air is enjoyable and pleasant. Unfortunately, for many, spring has a different meaning – in addition to marking a new ''mini'' era, it reminds them of the seasonal pollen allergies to various grasses or trees they have. Instead of carelessly enjoying the beauties of nature awakening and days so sunny, some will have a less pleasant experience.


Nasal discharge, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, a scratchy throat, dry cough, headache – all these are very familiar things to those who are allergic to pollen – to those who exhibit hay fever. These symptoms are often very distracting during the day and can be very tiring. They can also be a major bother at night – disrupting sleep. How does all of this happen, why do allergic reactions occur in the first place?

To put it simply, an allergy is a sort of a misguided response of our immune system to various substances from the environment. In this case, pollen – tiny particles emitted in the air from plants that are in bloom. Our body makes a "mistake" – it recognizes pollen as something harmful and dangerous and starts to defend itself. It overreacts to this usual substance present in the air, initiates an immune response and secretes histamine – a substance that the body normally secretes when fighting hazardous substances. Unfortunately, histamine causes the above-mentioned symptoms – our body is sounding an alarm signalling that something is wrong. The problem with allergic reactions is that everything is objectively fine. That is, there is no real or immediate danger. But our bodies seem to have things twisted a bit.


Essential oils, unfortunately, will not be able to cure you of this condition, but they are very effective in relieving symptoms. Regulating the immune system before the body begins to defend itself is crucial. Organic essential oils can give you much relief, especially regarding respiratory difficulties.

The most effective essential oils for allergies

True lavender essential oil is the most effective in reducing allergy or hay fever symptoms.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and balances out your immune system that is currently being put off its path by pollen particles.
  • It can relieve headaches that occur due to clogged sinuses, swollen mucous membranes or constant sneezing and blowing your nose out.
  • It acts as a natural antihistamine agent, reducing the production of histamine and thus reducing the severity of allergic reactions.
  • It has a very calming and relaxing effect. This is important because stress contributes to increased histamine production within the body. Thus, relaxation with the help of lavender can increase your stress resilience and reduce symptoms of hay fever.

Eucalyptus essential oil – a great choice for allergies and hay fever.

  • Excellent for clearing up your airways as it stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation.
  • It will help you in coughing up mucus accumulated in your sinuses or lungs due to your allergy.
  • Its sharpness and freshness will help relieve headaches and lift you up.
  • It will bring forth its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Although these are not the cause of allergies, viruses and bacteria can more easily ‘’accommodate’’ themselves in people prone to allergies. That happens due to their irritated and damaged mucous membranes, so it’s a wise choice to equip yourself with oils with antimicrobial properties during allergy season.

Peppermint essential oil is another oil that will help.

  • Like eucalyptus, it will bring ease to your respiratory system, clear and open up the sinuses.
  • It will reduce inflammation and reduce headaches and muscle pain by stimulating blood flow.
  • It will fight against tension and stress.
  • It’ll give you a ‘’wake up moment’’ and refresh you when you get tired.

Lemon essential oil will also come to the rescue.

  • It will cleanse and disinfect your living space. Again, viruses and bacteria are not the cause of allergies, but allergy sufferers are at higher risk of contracting these microorganisms, so it’s wise to keep your living space as safe as possible.
  • It will bring you some refreshment and a jolt of energy in moments when you need some extra enthusiasm.


Hot water inhalation – a classical approach

This is quite an effortless way you can take advantage of the effects of essential oils and ease your allergy symptoms. In a bowl of hot water, add one drop of true lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint and place your head above it – eyes closed. Inhale the vapours for one to two minutes through your nose and mouth. Repeat a few times, several times a day. Read more about proper inhalation methods in this blog.

  • Caution! Some people exhibit asthmatic symptoms as part of an allergic reaction. If you are one of them, avoid this method of inhalation because you can aggravate the symptoms even more. Inhale the essential oils in your living quarters with the help of a diffuser instead.

Diffuser inhalation

Also a method of inhaling the benefits of essential oils, but simpler and smoother than hovering above a bowl of hot water. Add this to your diffuser:

Create synergy and make the most out of these allergy helpers. True lavender will have an anti-inflammatory effect, but also act as an antihistamine agent, calming you down along the way. Eucalyptus and peppermint will clear your airways and relieve pain, while lemon will bring its disinfectant properties into your living space.

Application of essential oils to the skin

Another great way to alleviate allergy symptoms and accompanying phenomena is by applying essential oils to your skin. Firstly, essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier oil such as almond or argan. You can also opt for oils that are solid at room temperature such as shea or butter or fractionated coconut oil – but you’ll first need to heat them up a bit to mix in the essential oils. Go with the following ratio: add a maximum of 18 drops of essential oils to 30 ml of liquid oil or 2 tablespoons of solid carrier oil.

You can dilute all the essential oils we’ve listed together in the carrier oil of your choice, but you can also choose a combination and ratio of your choice, suiting your specific needs or symptoms you want to address.

  • Add more peppermint and eucalyptus for headaches and airway cleansing. Or even – just peppermint and eucalyptus. Massage the mixture on your temples (being careful that the mixture doesn’t come into contact with your eyes), forehead, back of your neck, chest and back.
  • If you’ve already used up three packets of dry wipes in one day and the area around your nose is irritated, opt for true lavender to soothe damaged skin, while soothing you along the way. True lavender essential oil is one of the few that can be applied undiluted to the skin – you can apply it to your skin straight from the bottle. However, we recommend that you dilute it in a bit of carrier oil before applying for additional skincare the carrier will provide. Don’t forget to do this before bedtime – reduce the possibility of interrupted sleep due to allergy symptoms.
  • Add a higher ratio of lemon essential oil to your mixture if you need some extra energy and perking up. In the process, nourish and tonify your skin. Massage the mixture onto your temples (making sure the mixture does not come into contact with your eyes), forehead, back of the neck, chest and back.


It’s not pleasant when our body turns against us. It’s not nice when we can’t enjoy spring in its fullest glory. It may sound strange, but nature has a solution for our body's misplaced struggle against nature – nature comes to our aid so that we can enjoy it more easily. KAIAA and essential oils are at your disposal – to help you enjoy spring as much as possible.

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