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We said goodbye to long, sunny summer days and welcomed shorter, colder and rainier ones with the start of autumn. Summer is officially behind us, and with it, all the carefreeness that comes with lying on the beach and enjoying the heat. Although the arrival of autumn changes a lot and reminds us of returning to the routine that we ran away from during the summer, autumn days also remind us of how much we enjoy being at home.


The smell of cinnamon, hot chocolate, and sweet tones of orange are just some of the fragrances we enjoy during autumn days. When we think of autumn scents, we think of comfort and warmth, but still, long for summer and citrus scents that will bring a touch of freshness to our home. Although we enjoy almost all scents, autumn scents are the ones that make us not want to turn off the diffuser and can't get enough of them.


If you are not a fan of candles and fragrances from stores and drugstores but prefer to use natural-based fragrances, you're in the right place. We have prepared five scents that will make you refuse to turn off the diffuser this autumn, and you won't be able to decide which bouquet to try first.


We've selected scents that will help you concentrate in case you're suffering from insomnia or if you just need help transitioning from summer to autumn.




In addition to smelling good and refreshing the space, essential oils in diffusers effectively improve memory, cognitive abilities and focus. Many essential oils create a calming effect even when you are stressed because they improve your mood, which helps you concentrate better on tasks.

Some essential oils that are good for concentration and focusing on tasks are citrus oils such as lemon and sweet orange, but also essential oils of rosemary and peppermint. For example, lemon essential oil boosts mood and reduces feelings of anxiety, and helps with learning and memory.


On the other hand, sweet orange oil will not necessarily help you concentrate better, but it is most often used to raise your mood, automatically affecting your concentration while performing tasks.


Additionally, peppermint essential oil benefits mental sharpness, focus and productivity. It is enough to pour just a few drops into your diffuser. You will soon enjoy a new, fresh and motivating energy.


It should be emphasized that rosemary essential oil works great with lemon essential oil. This is because it refreshes the space, and combined with citrus lemon that lifts the mood and helps with tasks, you get a winning combination in which concentration is ensured.




If the shift from summer to autumn is difficult for you, trust us, you are not alone. Apart from the fact that temperatures change drastically, and warm and sunny days are replaced by clouds and rain, sometimes it is difficult for the body to adapt to the resulting change.


Insomnia or lack of sleep often occurs in such situations, and even if you go to bed early enough to get the recommended eight hours of sleep, you do not wake up rested. And in this case, essential oils can be beneficial.


If you are troubled by any of the above, you will find your best friends in the essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, spearmint and rosemary. Most of these essential oils help purify and refresh the space, making it much easier to fall asleep and improving sleep because you will be breathing in air that will make you feel comfortable.


Lavender essential oil is beneficial as a solution for sleep problems. Natural lavender will have a calming and relaxing effect when you inhale it, and just a few drops in the diffuser will help with nervousness and restlessness and sleep because you will feel peaceful.

However, you can also use lavender essential oil in other ways. For example, a few drops of oil on the pillow and/or bed linen will solidify sleep. For the same effect, you can place a piece of cotton wool or a handkerchief to which you have added a few drops of oil next to the pillow. However, if you are not a fan of directly applying oil to the fabric, turn on the diffuser and let it run for an hour or so before you go to sleep.


Eucalyptus and rosemary oil will purify and refresh the air in the bedroom. In addition to being refreshing, rosemary essential oil, in combination with a diffuser, will have an invigorating effect and help with exhaustion and tension, which will help you fall asleep more easily. While rosemary will purify the air, eucalyptus will help you breathe better. A few drops of this oil in a diffuser will create extra space in your lungs for more robust and deeper breaths, which is especially useful during the autumn months when we are all more susceptible to viruses and colds.


However, in order not to look at the autumn months only negatively, we have also prepared several simple and excellent solutions in which you will use your essential oils and diffuser so that your home smells just like autumn!


1) For the combination called Autumn Embrace, pour into your diffuser:

- three drops of peppermint essential oil

- one drop of eucalyptus essential oil

- one drop of tea tree essential oil

- two drops of rosemary essential oil


2) For the combination called Autumn air, you will need to pour it into the diffuser:

- four drops of sweet orange essential oil

- three drops of lemon essential oil


3) This combination will make you feel like you're in wellness while leaves fall outside. Pour into the diffuser:

- two drops of eucalyptus essential oil

- two drops of rosemary essential oil

- two drops of sweet orange essential oil


4) For a combination of natural and spicy scents, pour into the diffuser:

- three drops of sweet orange essential oil

- two drops of lemon essential oil

- one drop of clove essential oil


5) This one perfectly shows the autumn scents and the effect they have on us:

- two drops of  sweet orange essential oil

- two drops of lemon essential oil

- two drops of clove essential oil

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